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Ring Size Guide

As we make our jewellery by hand, it's so important to get your ring size right first time! That's why we have created a ring size guide so you can easily find your ring size at home. 
How to Find Your Ring Size at Home
- You can print our ring size guide at home. Click here for the document.
- You can purchase our re-usable ring sizers, with free shipping, here.
-  You can convert your ring size from ring size using our international ring size chart here.
Other Ways to Find Your Ring Size at Home

Measuring an Existing Ring

 1. If you already have a ring that fits comfortably, then this would be the most accurate way to measure your size.

 2. Lay your ring flat against a ruler and measure the widest part of the inside of your ring.

3. Once you know your measurements, see the chart below to find your size.


 Measuring Your Finger

 1. Measure your finger. Please note there will be a slight difference between the same finger but on different hands. 

2. Cut a piece of string or paper around 10cm long. 

3. Wrap the paper or string around your finger, below the knuckle, and mark the point at which the two ends meet. Make sure it's snug enough to still take on and off your finger. 

4. Once laid out, measure the string or paper from mark to mark in millimetres. 

5. Once you have the measurements, see the chart below to find which size is best for you. 

 Please note: These recommendations are to be used as a guide only. Ring sizes can differ based on ring band width, shape of fingers, or even the time of year as our fingers tend to swell more in the summertime. 

If you are outside of the Uk you will need to use our international ring size chart to convert your size to a British size.

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