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Jewellery made to last a lifetime...

Jewellery Care

We understand the importance of looking after your ethically handmade jewellery, that's why we would like to provide you with ways to help you do this. 

Your jewellery was made by hand ethically and responsibly in London.

Protecting Your Jewellery

To help protect sterling silver and 9ct gold from tarnishing, avoid contact with chemicals, perfume, hairspray, and deodrant. Remove jewellery when swimming or when undertaking domestic work.


Looking After Stones

Naturally, turquoise stones are soft which means too much moisture can lead to your stone chipping, cracking, or even breaking over time. 

 - To clean turquoise stones, use a soft damp cloth and wipe over the stones. 

- To clean cubic zirconia or gemstones, use a soft toothbrush with warm, mild soapy water and gently brush the stones on top and underneath.

Polishing Your Jewellery

When unworn, it's best to store your jewellery in an airtight bag or pouch, and polish regularly with a polishing cloth. 

We also advise to store your jewellery separately from other jewellery metals as mixing metals can often lead to your jewellery tarnishing. 


Storing Your Jewellery

All our jewellery is sent to you in a 100% recycled jewellery box made from post-consumer and post-industrial paper waste. Each jewellery box comes with a linen pouch so you can store your jewellery in. We also include a free plantable care card with your purchase so you can grow beautiful flowers at home. 

We really value providing packaging that you will be able to recycled or reuse so we can all help our Earth and feel better connected to it.

Due to strict import seed and plant regulations, we are unable to send our plantable care cards outside the Uk at the moment. However, your order will still come with a care card on how to care for your jewellery.