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Sustainability is at the heart of Asími

Production & Materials

We’re proud to say that every single piece of jewellery is handcrafted responsibly using recycled sterling silver and 9ct gold as we value delivering pieces that are made in an eco-conscious way. We even have a jar where we save up our scraps so we can melt down and repurpose it into some of the beautiful jewellery for you to wear. 

Durability & Quality

Did you know that using recycled sterling silver has the same qualities as sterling silver? We are dedicated to handcrafting eco-conscious jewellery that is timeless, sturdy and durable for you to wear daily and even pass down as an heirloom.


We strive to only use responsibly sourced materials to stay kind to our planet. We understand the importance of minimising our impact to the environment and that’s why we use recycled sterling silver and 9ct gold whenever possible. All our scrap metal is melted down and repurposed. 

Our stones are genuine and ethically sourced. We are in constant communication with out supplier and we take pride in informing you that we source our stones from a small business owner who mines and cuts the stones herself. She makes sure that the mining standards are met; that there is no negative impact to the surrounding environment and that there are safe working conditions. 


Made in the UK

Our jewellery is all responsibly handmade by Eleni in her small London studio. Every piece is carefully curated in small batches to ensure quality over quantity and because of this, we never over produce as everything is made to order. 

Low Carbon Footprint

We try our very best to reduce our carbon footprint and are always looking at ways we can better improve this. Here are some of the ways we reduce our carbon footprint:

- We work with local UK suppliers for our tools and materials. 
- We order in bulk to cut unnecessary co2 emissions. 
- Everything is made in our studio in London and where/if possible, we walk to our studio. 



With the ever-increasing pollution caused by a growing and modernising society, we’ve worked hard to create packaging that is 100% plastic free. We wanted to create a jewellery box that is of multi-use for storing your jewellery, for gifting and even planting seeds. 
Our new jewellery boxes are made from 100% post-consumer and post-industrial paper waste. So, if you don't want to keep the boxes to store your jewellery in, you can recycle them, guilt-free. The pouches inside are made from linen and are designed to keep and store your jewellery in and to even travel with.  Our mailer boxes are also made from recycled kraft paper which can be recycled or reused.
Lastly, each box comes with a care card which is made out of seed paper and is plantable. This is our way of supporting and giving back to our planet. We really value providing packaging that you will be able to recycled or reuse so we can all help our earth and feel better connected to it.

Due to strict import seed and plant regulations, we are unable to send our plantable care cards outside the Uk at the moment. However, your order will still come with a care card on how to care for your jewellery.

Giving Back

We understand that importance of engaging in charitable causes. That’s why we like to give back when we can. Our most recent collaboration was with one tree planted where we planted tree’s in Kenya’s Kiyabe Forest, Africa. Every time someone placed an order we planted a tree to help reforest that planet, one tree at a time. 

Blogging and awareness

Sustainability is at the root of what we do and it’s something we’re deeply passionate about. We love being able to raise awareness through our blog about sustainability, an eco-conscious lifestyle, and everything in between to hopefully inspire you to make more eco-friendly decisions and lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

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