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Our Story

Eleni founded Asími in 2020 with a vision to create an ethical jewellery brand for women who value empowerment, self-love, self-expression, diversity and inclusivity. She encourages you to use Asími jewellery as a vessel to express your unique nature.

The vision of Asími was created as Eleni grew up very shy. She loved jewellery, especially the pieces she found around the world. For her, wearing jewellery always made her feel confident and as if she could do anything. This is how Asími was born as she wants to pass this feeling onto you. She feels jewellery tells a story of who you are and is a way of self-expression.

Always valuing ways she could live a more sustainable lifestyle she understood that sometimes that isn't always possible depending on life's circumstances. That's why she wanted to create a jewellery brand where everything is responsibly handcrafted using traceable recycled sterling silver. 

Eleni believes everyone deserves a fair chance at trying to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle, and that's why she is so proud to make everything from recycled sterling silver so she can help you take your first step into leading a sustainable life; so you can shop and wear your favourite eco-jewellery, guilt free.

We encourage you to use Asími Jewellery as a vessel to express your unique nature.