Our Story

Founded in 2020 from a creative passion, Asími evolved from a hobby of making pots, bowls, plates and cups from clay. This is where the journey begins! The pottery lessons opened a door when I saw I could combine my love for clay with my passion for jewellery which developed into making earrings from polymer clay. Things continued to develop further and brought me into the world of silversmithing.
Having always loved jewellery, its rings that have been my biggest weakness and captured my imagination. To me they define you and tell a story of who you are through the jewellery you wear. Wearing rings has always made me feel special and given me a confidence that I would love to share and pass on to you.
Lovingly hand crafted from scratch in our small London studio, with only the finest .925 sterling silver and a range of gemstones, we bring you something unique, durable and sturdy enough to be worn daily or as an occasion piece.
Hypoallergenic and handcrafted with passion, Asími takes great pride in each and every piece of jewellery design. Created with love and care, it is our aim to deliver individuality and a certain uniqueness to each and every customer.
We aim to deliver this as we feel each and every one of you deserves, through our technique and inspiration, an heirloom that can be cherished forever. 
Be unique, be special, be Asími.
Love, Eleni x